Mathematica-pages (English Version)

After a long wile, now I present here the first pages regarding Mathematica in the English language. Most parts of my lectures at „Berufsakademie Rhein-Main“ which deal with algorithmic problems are held in the English language, and so… here is the opportunity to show some of my work in Mathematica in the „Lingua Franca“ of our times.

Now facing the corona crisis I finally put a notebook here to analyze the data from the disease.

Corona Crisis

This notebook analyses the data from the Corona crises collected from Johns Hopkins University.
Shown is how to get the data in and make a Dataset to analyze the data in various ways.


Here you find a few implementations of common algorithms to sort lists. For each algorithm the time complexity is shown and analyzed

Text analysis

in January 2015 I took part at a conference in Prague. here you´ll find the paper and the presentation

Bit errors

Here you find a short notebook in which the occurrence of bit errors in transmissions are analyzed

Lagrange polynomials

Here the construction of Lagrange polynomials is shown

Birthday products

In October 2016 I talked with a few friends about dates in the year with special properties. I was asked about the number of dates with the property that the product of the day and the month yields the year. I made a short solution with Mathematica and show it here

The "House of Nikolaus"

Michael Trott showed in his Book "Mathematica Gudibook Programming" how one can determine all possibilities to draw the "House of Nikolaus" in one stroke. Here I have re-worked his attempted did a bit of explanation.

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